Sunday, December 15, 2019

Movin Up Chapter 1~ Season 4

I was placed on maternity leave and decided to relax at home until the baby came. I don't know if it's a boy or a girl. I just hope whatever it is that it's healthy and doesn't have any of its deadbeat dad's traits. I just hope Spencer calls me back. I'm sick of stalking him especially when he doesn't even have a job.

I was at home watching All My Sims when the pain starts.
Brooke: "AAAHHHH! The pain."
I was definitely in labor and this baby wanted out. I called Spencer for the last time and was very surprise he answered.
Brooke: "I've trying to call you all day yesterday and today! The baby is coming!"
Spencer: "I was at a job interview and I forgot to turn my phone back on. Just go to the hospital and I will meet you there."
After two hours, Spencer was just in time to see his baby girl born.

I thought Spencer was going to step up and be a man and a father to his daughter. Half of the time he doesn't call or even come visit. I haven't seen him for three days and only when he want some is when he shows up.
Brooke: "I can't do this on my own. You don't call and don't show up unless you want me to spread wide and I'm sick and tired of this."
Spencer: "I gave you some money for the crib and money for child care. I have a job now and I'm sorry if I can't be there all the time."
My face was filled with tears because I wanted help. Yes, the money is good, but I wanted him to take the baby some time."
Spencer: "If I wasn't working that would be great, but then you would get on my case about not having a job. I can have her on the weekend."
I couldn't complain, yes I was happy that he was helping me out with bottles, pamper and furniture for the baby. The babysitter did help me out a lot. I couldn't be too mad at him.

Having a baby was very hard especially when I didn't have all my ducks in a row. I didn't complete the articles so my boss it was due at the end of the month. I love my little Letitia Cartwell, but I wished I could have waited. I know it's not her fault and I love her to death and will do anything for my baby girl.

I was so happy to see my older brother Devon and my sister Tariah. That's why I love them so much.
Devon: "I thought Tariah and I come by and check on you and our new niece."
Brooke: "We're doing fine. Thanks for coming by. I can't see how mom does it when it was five of us."
Tariah: "That's because she had dad to help out."
Devon: "Good of dad. We were a handful and to say we were shocked when she told us that she was pregnant with you."
Brooke: "It is so hard. I'm glad her father is helping out with food and daycare."

My boss gave me to the end of the month. I used the money that Spencer gave and plus I add a little more to pay the baby sitter to watch baby Letitia so after work I could go straight to the library and use the computer. Here once again the librarian in my face.
Brooke: "Now what? I'm working on something for my job that has to be done."
Librarian: "Just letting you know that we will be closed in an hour."
Brooke: "Okay, I'll be done by then."

I was happy that Spencer steps up somewhat of a plate. Tanya came over with Spencer. He also gave me some money for some pampers.

My older brother came over that same day. So glad it was a Friday night. I really need my sleep and this open concept is not what I envision. I didn't want to throw anyone out. It's a good thing I had me some good earplugs.

*So glad to see Spencer helping out a little bit. Well at least he is helping and I know Brooke appreciates even though she doesn't show it.

Chapter 1~ Season 5 (coming soon)             Chapter 1~ Season 3

Movin Up Chapter 1~ Season 3

Our First date was this really nice restaurant. I always came here with my parents when I was younger. Great to see they still cook the very best chicken and shrimps.

On our 5th date, Spencer invited me to an all-white party. We didn't even make it into the elevator and he wanted a kiss. Who am I to say to no. He has been a perfect gentleman through our past dates.
Spencer: "How about giving your boyfriend a kiss before we go up to the party."
Brooke: "You didn't say nothing but a word. I love you."
Spencer: "How about me spice it up a little in the elevator."
Brooke: "You are so crazy!"

What better and crazy way to show our love for each other.

For the past week, Spencer and I got a room at a motel. I still had my bedroom set in layaway and Spencer still lived at home with his family. At least he had a bed so I couldn't understand why we are here.
Brooke: "I don't understand why we can't go to your house. You have your own room."
Spencer: "That's because my parents and sisters are always up in my business. It's bad that I'm not working. Don't you love me?"
Brooke: "Of course I do. I'm here in this dirty room with you."
I love Spencer with all my heart and I know in time we will be a married couple.

for the past three weeks, I was feeling too sick. I left work early due to feeling terrible and I couldn't understand why. I did eat the spicy taco at work. I usually make my lunch, but I was way too sick. I had to make myself get out of bed today.  First thing in the morning I have to go to the doctor.

I took a cab to my doctor's office.  I was so glad she was able to see me on short notice.
Brooke: "Yesterday I had some spicy taco at work and think it's not getting along with my stomach."
The Doctor laugh.
Doctor Brown: "Brooke, I wish I could say that was the case, but my dear you are pregnant. Congrats!"
Brooke: "I can't be! I live in a very small studio apartment and barely making rent."
Doctor Brown: "Well, once you tell the baby's father I am sure he will step in and help."
How could be happy when Spencer doesn't work and he doesn't even have a place of his own. I had to put on a pretend face.
Brooke: "I know he's going to so excited."

I invited my co-worker who is also Spencer's cousin Tanya over to tell them both the news. 
Spencer: "What's the emergency that you had to call me over here?"
Brooke: "I was feeling sick for the past week so I made an appointment with my doctor. I'm pregnant!"
Tanya: "That's awesome!
Spencer: "Are you sure it's mine?"
Brooke: "How dare you ask me some mess like that. The elevator and those cheesy motels that we went to on several occasions."
Tanya: "I really don't need to hear this, but congrats!"

I was able to get my bedroom set out of layaway. So happy about that. I also rearrange my furniture so I could get this cute table set. Now I have a fully furnished apartment, but for me to move into my next place I need $5, 751 and I only have $2,235.

*Will Spencer step up to the plate and will Brooke be able to move to the next apartment which is the 3 Cresent Bay Plaza~ a 1br.

Chapter 1~ Season 4                              Chapter 1~ Season 2

Movin up~Chapter 1~Season 2

With the little money that I earn from work and paying all my bills, I had enough to buy four apples and lettuces. I was just too hungry to go home.

Once I was done eating, I went straight to the library to work on an article for my job. Well, actually I overheard my boss talking to one of a journalist about writing an awesome article on women in workplace how to be single and keeping your job focus. If I can write a great article then just maybe I can get a promotion! That if this librarian would leave me alone.
Brooke: "I am almost done. I was told this was a 24-hour place, so why are you bothering me." 
Librarian: "You didn't sign in to be assigned a computer. I will put your name but next time you need to sign in. This is the last time."

Living here in at the Powell Apartment is such a drag. I make sure I went to work every day so I can get some furniture. I am so proud of myself that I was able to get my kitchen, bathroom and living room furnished. I still need a bed and kitchenette area.

This morning at work I was called into my boss's office. Two days ago I left a large brown envelope in his mailbox outside his office. I was very nervous because I truly forgot all about. He told me he read it and love it. Yah! I was given a small raised. He offer me another article to write and with that article will come a promotion and a raised. I happily took him on his offer and that same night I went out and treat myself to a night on the town! Finally!!

I was invited to my co-worker's house party. I couldn't say no even if I wanted it to. I went shopping for a new outfit only because she said to come in a dress.

While at the party, I saw a childhood friend of my name Spencer Funke. He wasn't the cutes guy, but he did have a wonderful and fun personality. He was there for me when my mother died two months ago.
Spencer: "Brooke, it's so great to see you again."
Brooke: "I know! I missed you and I wanted to say thank you for being for me when my father died and now my mother."
Spencer: "I've been thinking about you and I didn't know how to get in touch since I had moved."
Brooke: "Well, I'm here now."

In no time with all that hugging lead to us kissing and making out at co-worker's party. Good thing everybody was inside and Spencer and I was in the backyard. I couldn't contain myself and neither could Spencer.
Brooke: "I missed you so much and you are such a great kisser."
Spencer: "I wanted to hold you and kiss you."

Every time something breakdown I have to call on the landlord, Mr. Muhammad Voss. He hates fixing things the right way which is the patch up way. I had to let him know this because I was getting sick and tired of things breaking down in the apartment.
Brooke: "I don't understand why you just can't hire a professional to fix the sink in the kitchen and bathroom?"
Muhammad Voss: "Because it costs money! I use to be a repairman for this building when my father owned."
Brooke: "And you still fixing on the same the damn thing! I work to hard to come home and I can't get a drink of water."
Muhammad Voss: "If you don't like it then move."
Brooke: "Trust me, I am working on it."

Chapter 1~ Season 3                                    Chapter 1 ~Season 1

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Movin on Up- Chapter 1~ Season 1

*Apartment: Powell Apartment- studio, 1br

Here I am in my little home. I hope I am ready to handle being on my own. I know one thing for sure is that I will not be going back to sharing a bedroom with my grown twin sisters. I want to live a rich lifestyle I have to work hard and be the focus in a space without my family telling what I should do and where I should go. I'm glad my brother was able to take me to the interview for a job. It's doesn't pay all that great, but at least it something. Now I just need some furniture.

I had to stop by my friend Carline's house. I asked her if I could stay the night because my apartment doesn't have anything. I don't even have a pot to piss in or a pot to boil water.
Brooke: "Hey Carline, thanks for inviting me over. I finally moved into my own apartment." 
Carline: "No problem, your my girl. I'm glad you got your own place. I can't wait to see your place."
Brooke: "That's the thing. I don't have any furniture and my lights aren't on yet."
Carline: "So where are sleeping or eating at?"
Brooke: "That's the thing. I don't have any place. That's why I wanted to asked you if I could stay a couple of nights just until I get a bed."
Carline: "I wish I could help, but we can't have anyone staying overnight. It's part of our least. Do you have a job?"
Brooke: "No, not yet. I will go to the library in the morning and look for one."

I didn't want to stay any longer because I should have known since Caroline does live have another roommate she did have to ask for her consent. I went ahead and left and headed to our 24 library and jumped on the computer to look for a job. There were only three jobs available so I took the job offer as a paper girl. Hopefully, this career will lead to a journalist. It would be awesome to be a star anchor on the news.

While at the library I painted two pictures and sold them for $6.00. The library does have a program to help low-income people. $6.00 wasn't much, but it was enough for me to buy 4 apples at the grocery store and for that, I was very grateful. 

While I was at the library I freshen up by washing my hands and brushing my teeth. This is about the lowest I can go. It wasn't until a librarian saw me and told me about a shelter that I should get to.

I was grateful for going Sweet Sims Legacy Lodge Home for taking for me. They have up to eight resident and we all have to do our part in keeping the place clean while we also have to look for a job. Lucky for me, I had a job offer before I came here. The only bad thing about it is that I can only stay for two weeks which was okay. I am just glad I had somewhere to sleep, shower and eat. Once there I had me assigned to kitchen duty, which was a large eating and living area.

Here is me with two other residents. I can't wait to start working and being in my own place full time.

I worked my first day on the job as the paper girl. I have to pass out the daily paper to clients in all the office buildings downtown. I also get coffee and bagels as well. Not your glamorous type of job, but at least I was able to buy a couch and a TV. Yea!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Back Story ~Baby Brooke-Movin on up

Brooke will be telling her story as a flashback of how she moved from her parent's apartment to owning her own Penthouse in Bridgeport. So enjoyed.

 Yes this is a picture of me when I was just a baby. My mom had me when she was in her late 40's. I have two older brothers named Justin ( he's married to Hannah Smyth), Devon, twin sisters name Mariah and Tariah. 

 Here I am again with my big brother Devon. Whenever our parents had to work he was there to pitch in to help out. I guess that's why we are so close.  

Here is another picture of me when I aged up to a child. It wasn't much because my parents had rent, my twins' sister to take care of. I guess I shouldn't complain. I mean at least I did have a cake.

Here I am with my big sisters. They are like glue and it's hard to pull them apart especially when they get to talk about things I shouldn't hear at my age. Boys problem. They didn't even notice me standing right there!

Here I am with my mother -Alisha Cartwell and of course my sister Mariah is in the picture. She probably wanted to hear what our mother has to say about Tariah changing my hair from black to this dusty brown. Yes, I wanted a changed and I wanted to stand out, but mom wasn't having it. She sat me down and told me don't let anyone try to change who you are.

After all that talk, Tariah had to change my hair back to black. I thought it was cute. I wanted to be different. Everyone in my family has black hair. Well, except my parents; that's because they're old. Sometimes being the youngest can also mean being left out. I guess that's why I can see Tariah's viewpoint in changing my hair, but I asked her to. I still want to change it.

My mom-Alisha and Dad-Rafael in their elder years. They still kept the romance going after all these years. I hope I can find love that lasts that long.

Here I am again at my teen birthday party. If you want to call it that. This lady here is one of Devon's girlfriend. She thinks she is the only girl in my brother's life. My brother is not the type to have just one cookie, he'll eat the whole cookie jar if you let him. 
Mandy: "You look so cute with your hair like that."
Brooke: "Please, I look like a boy with this. Kinda like yours."
Mandy: "There's nothing wrong with having short hair." She said with an attitude.
All I could do was just roll my eyes. I'm wasn't trying to hear this right now. I just wanted her out of my face.
Brooke: "Shouldn't you be snoozing up to Devon right now."

I was happy later on that evening that my oldest brother Justin took me out to get my hair done. 
Justin: "Happy birthday little sis. I hope you love it."
Brooke: "Thanks, Justin. I love it so much. I thought mom and day were going to get mad when they saw it."
Justin: "You look now like a young teen than a child."

Now the Story: Chapter 1~ Season 1

Monday, December 2, 2019

Moving On Up Challenge

Hello, Everyone Welcome to my First challenge called the Moving on up Challenge. This is meant for Sims 4, but I have Sims 3 so I had to adjust to fit my city living for the Nightlife pack.

This was created by Mystic and I saw hers and other YouTubers, but I want to do mines a little different. Each move will only be able to take one furnished room to the next apartment. The cheapest apartment I found was occupied by Pala so I had to remove her because she lived in the basement of the apartment. The penthouse I saw was the One Leo Center. 

The basic of the challenge:

You have big dreams. Dreams of wealth dreams of a life of luxury, and dreams of living in that deluxe apartment in the sky. However, you have only enough money to rent the cheapest, dirtiest, and grungiest apartment. It’s a start I guess. And the only way you can go from here is up.

Here is the Link to find out more Movin' on up Challenge.

I am playing Brooke Cartwell from a previous challenge I had and I want to keep this generation going since I didn't get as far as generation 2.

So let's go to The Movin' on up Challenge guide/step.