Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Back Story ~Baby Brooke-Movin on up

Brooke will be telling her story as a flashback of how she moved from her parent's apartment to owning her own Penthouse in Bridgeport. So enjoyed.

 Yes this is a picture of me when I was just a baby. My mom had me when she was in her late 40's. I have two older brothers named Justin ( he's married to Hannah Smyth), Devon, twin sisters name Mariah and Tariah. 

 Here I am again with my big brother Devon. Whenever our parents had to work he was there to pitch in to help out. I guess that's why we are so close.  

Here is another picture of me when I aged up to a child. It wasn't much because my parents had rent, my twins' sister to take care of. I guess I shouldn't complain. I mean at least I did have a cake.

Here I am with my big sisters. They are like glue and it's hard to pull them apart especially when they get to talk about things I shouldn't hear at my age. Boys problem. They didn't even notice me standing right there!

Here I am with my mother -Alisha Cartwell and of course my sister Mariah is in the picture. She probably wanted to hear what our mother has to say about Tariah changing my hair from black to this dusty brown. Yes, I wanted a changed and I wanted to stand out, but mom wasn't having it. She sat me down and told me don't let anyone try to change who you are.

After all that talk, Tariah had to change my hair back to black. I thought it was cute. I wanted to be different. Everyone in my family has black hair. Well, except my parents; that's because they're old. Sometimes being the youngest can also mean being left out. I guess that's why I can see Tariah's viewpoint in changing my hair, but I asked her to. I still want to change it.

My mom-Alisha and Dad-Rafael in their elder years. They still kept the romance going after all these years. I hope I can find love that lasts that long.

Here I am again at my teen birthday party. If you want to call it that. This lady here is one of Devon's girlfriend. She thinks she is the only girl in my brother's life. My brother is not the type to have just one cookie, he'll eat the whole cookie jar if you let him. 
Mandy: "You look so cute with your hair like that."
Brooke: "Please, I look like a boy with this. Kinda like yours."
Mandy: "There's nothing wrong with having short hair." She said with an attitude.
All I could do was just roll my eyes. I'm wasn't trying to hear this right now. I just wanted her out of my face.
Brooke: "Shouldn't you be snoozing up to Devon right now."

I was happy later on that evening that my oldest brother Justin took me out to get my hair done. 
Justin: "Happy birthday little sis. I hope you love it."
Brooke: "Thanks, Justin. I love it so much. I thought mom and day were going to get mad when they saw it."
Justin: "You look now like a young teen than a child."

Now the Story: Chapter 1~ Season 1

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