Sunday, December 15, 2019

Movin up~Chapter 1~Season 2

With the little money that I earn from work and paying all my bills, I had enough to buy four apples and lettuces. I was just too hungry to go home.

Once I was done eating, I went straight to the library to work on an article for my job. Well, actually I overheard my boss talking to one of a journalist about writing an awesome article on women in workplace how to be single and keeping your job focus. If I can write a great article then just maybe I can get a promotion! That if this librarian would leave me alone.
Brooke: "I am almost done. I was told this was a 24-hour place, so why are you bothering me." 
Librarian: "You didn't sign in to be assigned a computer. I will put your name but next time you need to sign in. This is the last time."

Living here in at the Powell Apartment is such a drag. I make sure I went to work every day so I can get some furniture. I am so proud of myself that I was able to get my kitchen, bathroom and living room furnished. I still need a bed and kitchenette area.

This morning at work I was called into my boss's office. Two days ago I left a large brown envelope in his mailbox outside his office. I was very nervous because I truly forgot all about. He told me he read it and love it. Yah! I was given a small raised. He offer me another article to write and with that article will come a promotion and a raised. I happily took him on his offer and that same night I went out and treat myself to a night on the town! Finally!!

I was invited to my co-worker's house party. I couldn't say no even if I wanted it to. I went shopping for a new outfit only because she said to come in a dress.

While at the party, I saw a childhood friend of my name Spencer Funke. He wasn't the cutes guy, but he did have a wonderful and fun personality. He was there for me when my mother died two months ago.
Spencer: "Brooke, it's so great to see you again."
Brooke: "I know! I missed you and I wanted to say thank you for being for me when my father died and now my mother."
Spencer: "I've been thinking about you and I didn't know how to get in touch since I had moved."
Brooke: "Well, I'm here now."

In no time with all that hugging lead to us kissing and making out at co-worker's party. Good thing everybody was inside and Spencer and I was in the backyard. I couldn't contain myself and neither could Spencer.
Brooke: "I missed you so much and you are such a great kisser."
Spencer: "I wanted to hold you and kiss you."

Every time something breakdown I have to call on the landlord, Mr. Muhammad Voss. He hates fixing things the right way which is the patch up way. I had to let him know this because I was getting sick and tired of things breaking down in the apartment.
Brooke: "I don't understand why you just can't hire a professional to fix the sink in the kitchen and bathroom?"
Muhammad Voss: "Because it costs money! I use to be a repairman for this building when my father owned."
Brooke: "And you still fixing on the same the damn thing! I work to hard to come home and I can't get a drink of water."
Muhammad Voss: "If you don't like it then move."
Brooke: "Trust me, I am working on it."

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