Sunday, December 15, 2019

Movin Up Chapter 1~ Season 4

I was placed on maternity leave and decided to relax at home until the baby came. I don't know if it's a boy or a girl. I just hope whatever it is that it's healthy and doesn't have any of its deadbeat dad's traits. I just hope Spencer calls me back. I'm sick of stalking him especially when he doesn't even have a job.

I was at home watching All My Sims when the pain starts.
Brooke: "AAAHHHH! The pain."
I was definitely in labor and this baby wanted out. I called Spencer for the last time and was very surprise he answered.
Brooke: "I've trying to call you all day yesterday and today! The baby is coming!"
Spencer: "I was at a job interview and I forgot to turn my phone back on. Just go to the hospital and I will meet you there."
After two hours, Spencer was just in time to see his baby girl born.

I thought Spencer was going to step up and be a man and a father to his daughter. Half of the time he doesn't call or even come visit. I haven't seen him for three days and only when he want some is when he shows up.
Brooke: "I can't do this on my own. You don't call and don't show up unless you want me to spread wide and I'm sick and tired of this."
Spencer: "I gave you some money for the crib and money for child care. I have a job now and I'm sorry if I can't be there all the time."
My face was filled with tears because I wanted help. Yes, the money is good, but I wanted him to take the baby some time."
Spencer: "If I wasn't working that would be great, but then you would get on my case about not having a job. I can have her on the weekend."
I couldn't complain, yes I was happy that he was helping me out with bottles, pamper and furniture for the baby. The babysitter did help me out a lot. I couldn't be too mad at him.

Having a baby was very hard especially when I didn't have all my ducks in a row. I didn't complete the articles so my boss it was due at the end of the month. I love my little Letitia Cartwell, but I wished I could have waited. I know it's not her fault and I love her to death and will do anything for my baby girl.

I was so happy to see my older brother Devon and my sister Tariah. That's why I love them so much.
Devon: "I thought Tariah and I come by and check on you and our new niece."
Brooke: "We're doing fine. Thanks for coming by. I can't see how mom does it when it was five of us."
Tariah: "That's because she had dad to help out."
Devon: "Good of dad. We were a handful and to say we were shocked when she told us that she was pregnant with you."
Brooke: "It is so hard. I'm glad her father is helping out with food and daycare."

My boss gave me to the end of the month. I used the money that Spencer gave and plus I add a little more to pay the baby sitter to watch baby Letitia so after work I could go straight to the library and use the computer. Here once again the librarian in my face.
Brooke: "Now what? I'm working on something for my job that has to be done."
Librarian: "Just letting you know that we will be closed in an hour."
Brooke: "Okay, I'll be done by then."

I was happy that Spencer steps up somewhat of a plate. Tanya came over with Spencer. He also gave me some money for some pampers.

My older brother came over that same day. So glad it was a Friday night. I really need my sleep and this open concept is not what I envision. I didn't want to throw anyone out. It's a good thing I had me some good earplugs.

*So glad to see Spencer helping out a little bit. Well at least he is helping and I know Brooke appreciates even though she doesn't show it.

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